Taylor Swift, she’s not just a singer but an inspiration. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, her ability to captivate and motivate so many people is truly admirable. Plus, she’s taken her eras show on a massive multi-country tour, and if you can’t make it to her concert, you can still enjoy her performance on the cinema screen. That’s some clever thinking, right?

While Taylor’s eras theme is all about reflecting on her past albums, let’s turn the spotlight on you and your home.
Have you ever thought about the different “eras” in your life and how your home’s style has evolved over the years, perhaps with changing seasons? It’s a fascinating concept, isn’t it?

Think about it – can you name your home’s eras? Can you reminisce about the time you first decorated your place and how it mirrored your life back then? It’s not just your home; try doing this with your parents’ house or your nana’s place. Sometimes, it’s easier to see these changes in someone else’s space rather than our own.

As designers, we witness eras in the ever-evolving world of colour and style trends.
Some trends stick around for quite a while – hello, fifty shades of grey! But here’s a fun tidbit: I recently attended a product information session all about carpets. It’s where I geek out on new materials, learn about manufacturing processes, and stay updated on the latest trends. It’s like being in the loop of the design world.

They talked about the most popular carpet colours in Australia. While grey is still a crowd-pleaser, warm neutrals are gaining ground. And guess what? Charcoal-coloured carpets have taken a hit in sales, so they’re getting the boot from the samples in the new year. It’s like the end of an era in the carpet world!

When we consider the changing landscape of trends, it might just make you ponder whether it’s time for a change in your own home.
Taylor Swift’s ability to reinvent herself with each era of her music can serve as inspiration for refreshing your living space. Have you ever thought about shaking things up, exploring new colours or styles, and giving your home a fresh, revitalizing touch? Just as Taylor’s eras breathe new life into her music, maybe it’s time for a similar rejuvenation in your surroundings.
Think about the potential to create a new “era” in your home’s design story, one that resonates with the person you’ve become and the adventures that lie ahead. It’s an exciting prospect, isn’t it?