My Beautiful Abode is about
creating sanctuaries

MBA Brook

Welcome to a world where your home is not just a space but a reflection of your lifestyle, a sanctuary uniquely tailored to your tastes. Whether you seek a focused room transformation, a seamlessly cohesive home design, or a comprehensive rejuvenation of your entire living space, I’m here to make your vision a reality. Picture rooms transformed from misaligned sums into showcase spaces, each telling a story that resonates with you. With packages like the Reveal Inhouse Workshop, Revive Your Room, and Reimagine Your Home, I offer personalised attention, practical solutions, and collaborative processes. Imagine furniture that balances functionality and beauty, art that lights up your soul, and spaces that invite warmth and personality. Together, we’ll craft a home that not only looks stunning but feels like a true reflection of you—evocative, inviting, and, above all, a place you love to call home.

Reveal – 90 Minute workshop

How would you like 90 minutes of undivided attention from an interior designer to brainstorm your interior dilemmas?

My Reveal Inhouse Workshop is dedicated entirely to you and your space, revealing the possibilities, the what ifs, the why nots. It’s highly practical with a ton of tips and ideas.

I’ll raid your china cabinet for hidden or forgotten treasures, or reposition furniture or artwork and I might even snip some foliage from your garden to take a vase from unassuming to show-stopping. I might create a shelfie to showcase your personal style, or show you functional and beautiful coffee table styling to elevate a room.

It’s tailored to your specific needs and is about creating an instant upgrade that works for you and for the space, bringing elements of your home together. Bottom line: your interior will look and feel vastly different, immediately.

  • Personalised Attention: 90 minutes of dedicated focus from an interior designer for your unique space.
  • Practical Solutions: Workshop offers highly practical tips and ideas for immediate implementation.
  • Creative Upgrades: Involves actions like raiding your china cabinet, repositioning furniture, and incorporating garden foliage.
  • Instant Transformation: Tailored to your needs, creating a significant and immediate upgrade for your interior space.

  • Transformation: The Revive package aims to take your space and turn it into something that reflects your current and future lifestyle.
  • Collaborative Approach: Together we look at your curation of images on Pinterest boards, Houzz ideabooks and magazines to help you create a brief for me to work to.
  • Makeover: With this package I will consider the room’s requirements, your vision, and budget. It includes a visual lookbook, shopping list, together these make a master plan to implement now or in the future.
  • Confidence: This package is designed to leave you with the confidence to revive a room, offering creative and functional ideas that align with your style.

Revive your Room

Picture this – a room filled with a collection of hand-me-down and make-do furniture that doesn’t quite work, a space that’s overcrowded, one you dislike spending time in. Now imagine that same room transformed into a beautiful, inviting space, one that’s a reflection of your life and your lifestyle, both in the here and now as well as in the future.

This is exactly the purpose of my Revive Your Room Package which aligns my expertise with the way you want to use your room. Highly collaborative, I’ll take a look at the ideas you’ve curated from Pinterest boards, Houzz idea books and dog-eared magazines to enliven your chosen room.

Balancing the room’s needs, your vision and your budget, we’ll plan a makeover of one room with a visual lookbook, shopping list and a master plan, providing a clear vision for how the space could look.

This gives you the confidence to revive the room, transforming it from not-quite-right to a space that truly reflects your style with creative, functional ideas and beautiful pieces.

Reimagine your home

A beautifully cohesive house flows from room to room, from space to space, with inviting corners, intriguing tableaus and a sense of, well, home.

On the flipside, when rooms within a house are misaligned sums of their parts, it’s more difficult to reconcile space. Enter my Reimagine Your Home Package, where I look at three of your rooms to style them to become your showcase spaces, where you relax with your family and friends and enjoy your home.

Working with you to explore your aesthetic preferences and the way you’d love your rooms to function, I create a design that celebrates this – how you want your space to look and feel as you go about your life.

This means furniture that’s as functional as it is beautiful, art that lights you up, indoor plants (if that’s your thing; it’s definitely mine!), styling and decorating to add warmth and personality.

The result is a look and feel that’s uniquely, wonderfully, all you. Homes are meant to be lived in, after all.

  • Cohesive Design: The Reimagine package aims to create a beautifully cohesive home, with thought given to the flow from room to room.
  • Beautiful Spaces: I focus on decorating three of your rooms, most people select the shared spaces to relax in with family and friends. And of course, their master bedroom for a stylish reimagining too.
  • Collaborative: Together we look at your curation of images on Pinterest boards, Houzz ideabooks and magazines to help you create a brief for me to work to.
  • Functional and Beautiful: Emphasises the integration of functional yet beautiful furniture, inspiring artwork, indoor plants and thoughtful styling and decorating to add warmth and personality, resulting in a home that is uniquely you.

  • Comprehensive Home Rejuvenation: Offering a holistic approach to rejuvenating your entire home, creating a beautiful and inviting space throughout every room.
  • Collaborative Vision: Partnering with you, the process involves moving room by room, considering your wants, needs, and dreams for your home to bring your unique vision into everyday life.
  • Budget-Friendly Sourcing: Working within your budget constraints, the service includes sourcing perfect pieces, including furniture, floor coverings, window furnishings, and decorative items, ensuring a creative and cohesive look and feel.
  • Enduring Home Comfort: The end result is a home you love spending time in, reflective of your life and loves, achieving a cohesive and evocative atmosphere that truly feels like home.

Rejuvenate your whole house

Would you like your whole house to be a beautiful, inviting space? I would love to work with you to rejuvenate your entire home, partnering with my incredible suppliers to bring your vision for your home into everyday life.

We’ll move room by room, taking into account your wants, needs and dreams for your home. Working to your budget, I’ll source the perfect pieces against the creative look and feel we co-create.

I’m talking furniture, floor coverings, window furnishings and decorative pieces to enable flow between spaces.

The end result? Your entire home will be one you love spending time in, one that’s evocative of your life, your loves. It will look and feel like home.

Not sure which package is right for you? We also offer custom packages – the best place to start is with a conversation.

What People Say

Sophie was a delight to work with from the moment she first walked into my home. She has a warm, friendly manner as well as an extremely professional approach. After listening to and considering my preferences for interior designs, Sophie somehow found the most perfect pieces of furniture, fabulous floor covering, and absolutely amazing artwork that has transformed our house into the home we always dreamed about. I highly recommend the lovely Sophie Kost to anyone who needs advice and help with finding how to design their house in just the right way, so it becomes their forever home!


Sophie was very considerate and thoughtful in her ideas and recommendations. She took into account our budget and family lifestyle, which was great. It was time to ‘grow up’ and her ideas have helpful to progress our over crowded rooms into something more calming and mature.


I couldn’t recommend Sophie enough. As design novices with a fear of feeling overwhelmed and befuddled, we were put instantly at ease by Sophie’s demeanour. Her focus on how we wanted to use our space and how we wanted it to feel, as well as look, was really welcome and Sophie worked happily within our budget giving us a much, or as little guidance on looks and pieces as we wanted. As a result, we have a house that makes us happy every time we walk through the door and feels entirely ‘us’ but designed by someone who completely knows her stuff!


It has been an extremely positive experience working with Sophie over the last three months. I transitioned from a four bedroom family home to a two bedroom unit and her support and expertise during this period was invaluable.


We engaged Sophie early last year when we planned to move houses. We were stressed with the whole covid situation and restrictions meant we really couldn’t travel to assess what we needed. Sophie made the entire process easy and smooth. She gave us a lot of options, conceptualised the whole design, helped organise furnitures, art work, beautiful indoor plants and lots of creative ideas to make the home look open and beautiful. She is thorough, creative, and delivers on time with always a smile on her face. She is open to feedback and always keeps her clients in mind when she designs and makes decisions.


What can we say…. Sofie is an astute professional. She turned out cold Empty home into a beautiful space filled with so much personality. She listens and work so hard to make you dream a reality.


This is the third time we have used Sophie’s services. She did such a wonderful job helping us set up our living area when we moved house a few years ago, that we rang her again when we wanted to make over teenage boys rooms (one last year and the final room over the past few months). On all 3 occasions she has been such a pleasure to work with and it is the reason we keep coming back. For our latest project we had the added complexity of working through the COVID lockdown and Sophie was wonderful at arranging trades and deliveries and doing remote consultations when necessary. We have been so delighted with the outcome of all 3 projects and had such wonderful feedback from friends and family. I would not hesitate to recommend Sophie.


We engaged Sophie based on her past reviews. We asked her to help furnish and style the entire home and time it so that it was done within a week of us moving in. She nailed it. Made it easy for us and was super helpful and receptive to all feedback whilst being candid if something would not work. Would 100% use her again. We love our new home and visitors have also been delighted with it. Thank you Sophie!


We are so grateful to Sophie for all the work she did in helping us to furnish our new house. She listened intently to learn about our lifestyles and desires for our spaces and was then able to come up with a design that suited us perfectly. We absolutely love every space Sophie imagined for us and look forward to getting further help with other rooms in the house now. When I was first seeking out help from an interior designer I was worried that they might prioritise looks over comfort, but that was not the case- we now have the right balance between both. I would highly recommend Sophie’s services to others.


My father and I cannot thank Sophie enough for her incredible work designing and then helping us achieve such a beautiful look for my father’s new apartment. I rang Sophie on a Friday from interstate with an impossibly short time frame to help my father create a new and inviting space to move into. Within 10 seconds I knew I’d found the right person to help.

First and foremost, Sophie really listened to Dad’s requirements so he just loved the beautiful design she created for him. Sophie is both talented and experienced. At the same time she provides the most efficient and professional service. I’ve read reviews before of people saying they ‘don’t know what they’d have done without someone’s service’. In this case it’s true. Thank you so much Sophie.


Sophie has helped to transform our home from run down, cluttered, dated and mismatched into a bright, character-filled, cohesive living space that we enjoy every day. Without Sophie’s guidance, we would have been paralysed by indecision and would never have achieved the dramatic makeover that she has overseen. I appreciated Sophie’s practical and commonsense approach to choosing affordable items that would not only look the part and be comfortable, but also be durable for heavy use in a family with 2 boys. Thank you Sophie for all your help.


Sophie was brilliant. She contacted us almost straight away and came to our house on a public holiday. Her ideas were amazing and she was very patient with us as we went back and forward over decisions. What was really appreciated was the understanding that we could explore different finishes for different rooms at a pace that suited us. Would highly recommend and use Sophie again.


From day 1, Sophie was amazing. As two non-creative professionals, we engaged Sophie to initially help us with colour selections for our new house build. That selection process was seamless thanks to Sophie. From tile, backsplash, benchtop, curtains, flooring, Sophie’s ability to understand our likes and wants ensured we ended up with a product that to this day we are so excited about. After engaging Sophie for our initial colour selections we chose to decorate our new home and asked Sophie again to help us with this process. From her contacts in the furniture industry we have ended up with an amazing array of furniture and wooden pieces that we love. Thank you so much Sophie, you have made this process so seamless!


I would recommend Sophie without hesitation. I have engaged Sophie’s services twice in the last 3 years. The first time was for interior design advice and help selecting quite a few furniture pieces and furnishings for a revamp to a hallway, two bedrooms and a lounge room. The end result was beautiful and a look that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

A few months ago after moving into a new home, preparing for a renovation and requiring assistance with the selection of furnishings, I again engaged Sophie and her renovation package. My husband and I spent a day visiting showrooms and stores with Sophie and we selected everything from the kitchen sink to light switches to tiles, honestly you name it we chose it.

Before the selections day Sophie and I met to run through my vision and wish list. A mood board from Sophie quickly followed which proved she was spot on with the look and feel I want to achieve. This made the selections day so organised and efficient. Sophie also opened my eyes to certain combinations of colours and textures and looks that I would never have been able to achieve on my own and that I know will look amazing once our reno is done.

Once the reno is complete I will be hiring Sophie again to help with finishing touches such as window furnishings.


Sophie has done some amazing work with our front room. She has transformed it from a seldom used area into a beautiful and highly functional additional family space. Her knowledge of colour and texture is exceptional and I really enjoyed the entire process. Sophie is very warm and engaging and works in a collaborative manner, so I felt very involved and comfortable at all times. Her budgeting and timing are spot on, and we even managed to save a few dollars here and there! I highly recommend Sophie and would not hesitate to call on her expertise for future projects.