This year, I set a goal to attend printmaking classes after my dubious time at the Botanical Illustration course from last year. You can read about what I learned through that experience in this article I wrote, spoiler alert, I learned more about myself than I did about the art.

Printmaking, however, turns out to be a revelation – a truly happy place where my creativity flourishes.

We’ve been learning lino printing to start which is both fun and rewarding and are about to step into the world of etchings, and I am brimming with excitement and ideas about what I might do, having researched other artists’ work through history and creating sketches of my own in anticipation.

I’ve always loved being creative. As a child, I was the designated ‘arty’ kid in my class, first in line for art in primary school, then art and graphic communication in VCE, and later classes like life drawing and colour at RMIT. A pivotal moment occurred in high school when my parents emphasized the importance of signing my work, a lesson learned after one of my art pieces was featured on a special uniform without proper credit.

Maintaining a creative outlet purely for personal pleasure differs significantly from my professional design work. When I create artwork, my focus is solely on the creative process—the next line, the visual impact, and the emotional resonance. In contrast, designing for clients involves considerations such as the brief, taste and preferences, and budget constraints, all while ensuring the result resonates with me creatively. Attending art classes has not only enriched my creativity but also enhanced my skills as a designer, allowing my imagination to soar and reminding me of the limitless possibilities that creativity offers.

My journey through various art classes has been a testament to the enduring power of creativity. From the lessons learned in botanical illustration to the joy found in printmaking, each experience has shaped my artistic journey. Art classes have provided a sanctuary where I can explore, experiment, and express myself freely. They have reminded me that creativity is not just a skill but a way of seeing the world, one that enriches both my personal and professional life. As I continue to explore new techniques and ideas, I am grateful for the endless possibilities that art offers, always pushing me to discover new aspects of myself and my creativity.


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