Step into the enchanting transformation of this home in Hawthorn. From the very first moment we met our delightful client, her warmth set the tone for an exciting project. Her dream home, a place she had long worked toward, was finally a reality. With their children growing up and leaving the nest, it was the perfect time for her to create a space where she could settle in with her husband. This wasn’t just a house; it was a culmination of years of hard work, a home where memories would flourish as children ventured out on their own paths.

Our mission? To breathe life into their living, dining, and study nook spaces, which were functional but lacked the personality that truly reflected the homeowners’ vibrant spirits. These rooms were crying out for a touch of joy and vibrancy!

During our discussions, we uncovered our client’s wishlist, including a desire for indigenous touches and pieces inspired by admired artists. In the cozy living room, there was a need to accommodate all the children and their partners when they returned home.

The dining table and chairs were already chosen, and the stylish black feature walls were in place. Our task was to elevate these spaces to perfection.

One immediate challenge we noticed was the need to differentiate between the black chairs and the black wall; they seemed to blend together. Our solution? We recommended an oversized, colourful piece of art to create a stunning contrast. This unique piece by Sarah Rowe became a commissioned work, specially crafted to harmonize with the room’s energy.


In the dining area, we introduced a coveted Michelle Fogarty piece, sourced through our connections at Forman Picture Framing. Our client purchased it unseen, trusting us that it would be a perfect fit. Paired with a bone inlay cabinet matching the colour of the front door to the house and a brass floor lamp echoing the dining table’s pendant light, this space exuded continuity and style.


Moving to the adjacent study nook, we effortlessly completed the space with a cleverly tucked-away bench seat that harmonized with the living and dining areas.



To extend the dining area’s lively colour scheme, we brought in an oversized rug by indigenous artist Charmaine Pwerle, a generously sized chartreuse sofa that could comfortably seat 4-5 people, and a large limited edition photograph of Sorrento baths by Lisa Atkinson. Swivel armchairs tied in beautifully with the rug’s pattern and the dining room’s accent wall, completing this joyful transformation.

Photography by Lisa Atkinson