Turning a room from its previous state into a completely new space was an adventure! It involved a bit of furniture rearranging, a raid on the china cabinet, and even a dash to the garden! The task was to revamp a former playroom during a Reveal workshop, crafting it into a hangout spot for teens.

My strategy kicked off with shifting the sofa to create a cozy nook facing the TV, swapping out the vibe from a “watch those toddlers” zone to a more relaxed setting. Then, it was all about infusing style into the coffee table and buffet, showcasing the antique rocking horse as a standout feature. I orchestrated the buffet’s styling to complement the TV and added a touch of greenery, snipping foliage from a gum tree in the backyard for a fresh natural element.

This overhaul was gratifying—a true satisfaction in the art of transformation through styling.



Redesigning an entire kitchen was a whirlwind of creativity and collaboration! I had the pleasure of meeting this client the day before they were scheduled to meet their cabinet maker for measurements. Armed with a stash of material samples—laminates, stones, porcelain, and more—I was prepared for a meeting solely focused on kitchen selections.

Upon arrival, we immediately dived into crafting the new layout for the kitchen. With a keen understanding of the spatial necessities for different areas (like stove set-down spaces, pathway widths, and optimal work zones), we provided the cabinet maker with essential guidelines to start their drawings. Then came the next part: making the finishing selections.

My client came well-prepared with images and a vision, and our session became a dynamic brainstorming session. It was about transforming her ideas into a tangible and functional kitchen space. It was an intense workshop, no doubt, but the gratification of piecing together this puzzle of styles and practicalities was incredibly satisfying.

A Designer to help make selections with builder



I had the opportunity to meet this client just as they finalised their floorplans, gearing up for an owner-builder renovation. Despite having a treasure trove of inspiration on their Pinterest boards, they found themselves at a crossroads, struggling to combine these diverse ideas into a cohesive plan for their project.

Their hesitancy in seeking opinions from family and friends, understanding the potential chaos of too many voices, led them to seek an impartial, professional viewpoint. Drawing upon my expertise, I delved into their extensive collection of images. In a blink, I discerned the recurring themes, colour schemes, and preferred materials.

Together, we navigated this collection of inspirations, accentuating certain aspects while adopting subtlety in others. This thoughtful curation process provided my client with newfound clarity in their design approach, empowering them to confidently make selections that aligned harmoniously with their vision for the renovation.



I supported clients settling into their new home, where they already had some furniture and art pieces in place. They brought me in to help strategize the furniture layout, decide on art placement, and figure out which additional furnishings would best complement their space.

While much of the house was a blank canvas, they had already acquired the main pieces. Together, we brainstormed their movement through different areas, discussed who would use each space and when, and dove into conversations about colours and style preferences. We focused on making their taste work seamlessly within the space, aiming for a stylish outcome that truly resonated with them.

During our session, I assisted in finding missing furniture items that would tie everything together, bridging the gap between their existing pieces and the new home. We also talked extensively about art, rugs, lamps, and other elements that I recommended to complete the space. I left them with a detailed report outlining recommendations, providing clear guidance for their subsequent shopping trips.

My Process from idea to your beautiful


In this workshop, my client was in the midst of a sofa reupholstering project. Ahead of our meeting, she shared comprehensive photos of her interior, paying special attention to her rug and artworks. This allowed me to do some preliminary groundwork, preparing upholstery samples for our session.

Armed with these samples, we embarked on the task of finding the ideal fabric for her sofa. The synergy between her detailed interior photos and the options I brought along led us to discover the perfect upholstery choice. The result turned out nothing short of amazing, perfectly complementing her space and bringing a whole new life to the sofa.